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  • In the face of an overwhelming need for qualified professionals, the National Institute of Disaster Restoration started its Certified Restorer Program in 1976.
  • The objective of the program was to develop skills, knowledge, and professional ethics that today's enlightened property owners require.
  • President and Senior Consultant, David G. Mason is an RIA Certified Restorer, Certified Mold Professional, Water Loss Specialist and ACAC Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant . 



Mr. Mason is the only Consultant worldwide with all three of these RIA  Advanced Designations and Certified Indoor Enviornmental Consultant(CIEC)- ACAC's top designation. 


Mr. Mason has served on the RIA  Restoration Council and was the Council liaison to the Accounting Task Force Project and FEMA Registry Projects with Congressional partnership.

He served the RIA as co-chairperson on the RIA exam writing committee for the Mold Remediation Supervisor Certification Exam.

Those attaining these mastery level designations face stringent entrance screening requirements including thorough background checks, and financial stability verification. 


After acceptance into the Master programs, applicants begin a demanding regiment of study, training and testing.
After attaining passage of this stage, they must complete a thesis in each domain of knowledge that is subjected to peer review by leading industry experts and specialists.
Those who attain such status must continue to live up to the high standards that govern the program through Certified Continuing Education, backed by a standing committee on Professional Ethics.
Certified Restorers are required to maintain their status by periodic re-certification. 


President and Senior Consultant
David G. Mason CR, CMP, WLS, CIEC